MITE Resources

Once you begin using MITE, you’ll find all of the help you’ll need at your fingertips.

Registration gives you instant access to the MITE Community, where you can post questions and share feedback with the MITE team and other users.

MITE comes with tutorials, FAQs, and use cases that will quickly get you up to speed. MITE Pro users also get access to the Keynote Technical Support team, who will give you a quick response to help you through the most complex testing scenarios.


Would you rather watch a movie than read the book? MITE tutorials will walk you through key features step by step. See how easy it is to test your mobile website, create scripts, and verify content.

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Still have questions about Keynote MITE? No worries, we have answers. MITE FAQs address some of the most commonly asked questions from our community forum.

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Use Cases

MITE use cases present real-life challenges for developers, QA testers, and operations teams. See how MITE helps them to tackle their issues and why MITE is better than other solutions on the market.

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Technical Support

MITE Pro and Keynote monitoring customers can file support tickets online and get access to a variety of support resources.

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